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Mobius Science Center

In a collaboration with Upswell and Arxi Creative, we created a huge animation for the Mobius Science Center in Spokane, WA which depicts the Missoula Floods. We also produced animations for the interactive kiosks.

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Kaskade / Coachella

We were asked again to create concert visuals, this time for the 2012 Coachella and Kaskade Tour. We did design and animation for the track ‘In My Mind’. Our piece consisted of many flocking creatures in psychedelic environments.

The project was directed by Martin Phillips, who has done concert visuals for acts like Daft Punk and JackBeats.

You can view the Coachella footage of it here. (Animation starts at 32:43)

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JackBeats / All Night

We were one of a handful of animators chosen to create visuals for the 2012 JackBeats Tour. Our role was to design and animate the track ‘All Night’.

The project was directed by Martin Phillips.

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Nike Football / The Opening

A collaboration with SandyMontana for Nike Football. My role was director. I worked closely with SandyMontana using their footage to create the motion pieces and title treatment, as well as some editing, motion stabilizing and final color grading.

Check out the Nike Gridiron piece here.